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17: Two Independent Sample Means Comparison Given Data

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  • Two Independent Samples Means Comparison Given Data

    This calculator performs the hypothesis test and also constructs a confidence interval for \(\mu_1\)−\(\mu_2\) given data. Please report the error to Dr. Jessica Kuang at

    To learn how to use this calculator, please watch a short video here (coming up).



    Type in the values from the two data sets separated by commas, for example, 2,4,5,8,11,2.  Enter the statistics, the tail type, and the confidence level then hit Calculate. The test statistic, p-value, and the boundaries for the confidence interval.  Be sure to enter the confidence level as a decimal, e.g., 95% should be entered as 0.95.

    Data 1:

    choose a test




    Data 2:

    Confidence Level (enter a decimal):



    Test Statistics (t): p-value Lower bound Upper Bound

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