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16: Two Independent Sample Means Comparison Given Statistics

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  • Two Independent Samples with statistics Calculator

    This calculator performs the hypothesis test and also constructs a confidence interval for \(\mu_1\)−\(\mu_2\) for two population means given statistics. Please report the error to Dr. Jessica Kuang at

    To learn how to use this calculator, please watch a short video here (coming up).



    Enter the statistics, the tail type, and the confidence level and hit Calculate and the test statistic, p-value, and the boundaries for the confidence interval.  Be sure to enter the confidence level as a decimal, e.g., 95% should be entered as 0.95.

      Sample Size Sample Mean Sample Standard Deviation
    First Sample

    choose a test


    Second Sample
    Confidence Level (Enter a Decimal):



    Test Statistics (t): p-value: Lower Bound: Upper Bound:

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