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6: Linear Correlation and Regression

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  • Linear Correlation and Regression

    This calculator creates a scatter plot, the regression equation, \(r\) and \(r^{2}\), and performs the hypothesis test for a nonzero correlation. Please report the error to Dr. Jessica Kuang at

    To learn how to use this calculator, please watch a short video here.



    Put the independent variable's data separated by commas in the first row and the dependent variable's data separated by commas in the second row, then click Plot Points and Calculate. 

    Explanatory/Independent Variable (x):  

    Response/Dependent Variable (y):  



    Regression Equation: 

    \(r\):  \(r^{2}\): 
     Hypothesis:  \(H_{0}: \rho = 0, H_{1}: \rho \neq 0\)
     Hypothesis:  \(H_{0}:  \rho = 0, H_{1}:  \rho \lt 0\)
     Hypothesis:  \(H_{0}:  \rho = 0, H_{1}:  \rho \gt 0\)

    Test Statistic (\(t\)):



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