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9: Appendix B- Ten Years Later, or use R script

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    Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 10.22.51 PM.png

    Once upon a time there was a master student. He studied kubricks, and published a nice paper with many plots made in R. Then he graduated, started a family, and they lived happily ever after until ... ten years later, some new kubricks were discovered and he was asked to update his old plots with new data!

    (By the way, the intro image was made with R! Here is how—thanks to Paul Murrell’s “R Graphics” book and his grid package:)

    Code \(\PageIndex{1}\) (R):

    Gridmoon() # gmoon.r

    There are recommendations for those R users who want to make their research reproducible in different labs, on different computers, and also on your own computer but 10 years later (or sometimes just 10 days after). How to proceed?

    Use R script!

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