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39: Scatter Plot Calculator

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    To create a scatter plot

    1. Enter your \(X\) data into list L1 and your \(Y\) data into list L2.
    2. Press 2nd STATPLOT ENTER to use Plot 1. On the input screen for PLOT 1, highlight On and press ENTER. (Make sure the other plots are OFF.)
    3. For TYPE: highlight the very first icon, which is the scatter plot, and press ENTER.
    4. For Xlist:, enter L1 ENTER and for Ylist: L2 ENTER.
    5. For Mark: it does not matter which symbol you highlight, but the square is the easiest to see. Press ENTER.
    6. Make sure there are no other equations that could be plotted. Press Y = and clear any equations out.
    7. Press the ZOOM key and then the number 9 (for menu item "ZoomStat") ; the calculator will fit the window to the data. You can press WINDOW to see the scaling of the axes.

    Scatter Plot Calculator

    Create a scatter plot below by entering a point, click Plot Point and then continue until you are done.  

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