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8: Advanced Graphs

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    • 8.1: Q-Q Plots
      The quantile-quantile or q-q plot is an exploratory graphical device used to check the validity of a distributional assumption for a data set. In general, the basic idea is to compute the theoretically expected value for each data point based on the distribution in question. If the data indeed follow the assumed distribution, then the points on the q-q plot will fall approximately on a straight line.
    • 8.2: Contour Plots
      Contour plots portray data for three variables in two dimensions. The plot contains a number of contour lines. Each contour line is shown in an X-Y plot and has a constant value on a third variable.
    • 8.3: 3D Plots
      Just as two-dimensional scatter plots show the data in two dimensions, 3D plots show data in three dimensions.
    • 8.4: Statistical Literacy
      Reading a Weather Map
    • 8.E: Advanced Graphs (Exercises)

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