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Permissions to Copy

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    The Handbook of Biological Statistics is ©2014 by John H. McDonald. Permission is granted for the following:

    • You may use any amount of text from these web pages on your web page, if you give a link to my web page that you copied from and your web page is either available to the general public without charge or provided to students as part of a course.
    • You may use original figures from these web pages on your web page, provided you give a link to the web page you copied from, and provided you copy the image file and host it on your own server. "Original figures" are those for which a source is not given at the bottom of my web page. For permission to use figures that are credited to someone else, please see the original source.
    • You may print any amount of the text and figures on these web pages that you like, if you give the material away for free; this includes giving it to students as a class handout at no additional charge.
    • You may do whatever you like with the spreadsheets and SAS code.

    You may not use text or original figures from the Handbook of Biological Statistics in a printed or electronic document that you sell, without obtaining permission from me. I'll probably grant permission if the amount of money is small, for example if you want to use text about a chi-squared test in a genetics lab manual for one course, but ask for permission first by e-mailing me at .

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