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2.01 Displaying Data - Creating a Bar Chart

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    Suppose Mint High School wants to improve its gym.  The student body decides to sell candy to earn money.  The number of cases of candy each class sold as outlined below.

    Freshman 210
    Sophomores 310
    Juniors 250
    Seniors 450

    The Principal of the school wants to create a bar chart showing the amount each class sold.  Open an Excel spreadsheet and type in the information from the table above, starting in cells A2 through B5 to create the chart.  Then highlight the information, click on the Insert option on the main menu.  In the Charts section of the Menu bar, select the Column Charts. The first option in the list of charts is fine.

    Bar Chart Option from the Insert tab on the Main Menu

    The chart that will appear on the Excel spreadsheet is shown below.

    Bar Chart  of Candy Sells by Class

    We need to add a title to the chart.  To do this, click on Chart Title, and a box will appear. 


    Highlight the word Chart Title and enter Candy Sales by Class.

    Chart Title is Candy Sales by Class

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