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    This book was compiled for a sabbatical project during a pandemic, so there is a lot to be thankful for but also many challenges. 

    I would like to start by thanking Taft College and the college president, Dr. Daniels, for allowing me the time and support to learn more about online educational resources (OER) and statistics (and coding of equations!) to support the college and our statistics courses (particularly Elementary Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences).  From Taft College, and I am also indebted to Tabitha Raber and David Wymore for being the first faculty at our college to delve into OER and who gave me advice and support.  Also, I am thankful to Dr. Eveland for suggested that we write a behavioral statistics together years ago.   

    I read several openly-licensed statistics textbooks that became the foundation for this compilation.  In particular, Foster et al.’s (2021) An Introduction to Psychological Statistics was the starting point for many of the chapters.  I also loved Navarro’s (2020) Learning Statistics with R- A Tutorial for Psychology Students and Other Beginners; she wrote a wonderfully enlightening and enjoyable statistics textbook.  It would have been perfect if we were looking for a textbook to teach statistical software.  Finally, Crump's Answering Questions with Data (also found at provided helpful pages, and supported most of the chapter on factorial design ANOVAs. 

    Finally, none of this could have happened without my partner supporting me and taking care of the house (and packing and moving us in the middle of this sabbatical and pandemic!), and our dog for keeping me grounded and sane while stuck at home for months. 

    Dog looking sad around chewed up papers.
    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): My Dog Ate My Students' Homework (CC-BY-NC-SA Michelle Oja)


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    Contributors and Attributions

    Dr. MO (Taft College)


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