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Formatting Guidelines

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    A central theme in the construction of Modules in the ChemWiki (and other STEMWikis) is to integrate and write new content such that the formatting if shared with the rest of the STEMWikis. Below is a list of aspects to address to ensure this:

    1. Equations
      1. All equations are written in MathJax. Hence remove equations as figures if needed and replace with MathJax.
    2. Make the "Article Type" option for Modules that have multiple sections "topics". This makes an automatic TOC in the upper right hand corner and adds arrows at the bottom
    3. Use the table formatting (via cutting and pasting) for designated components (e.g. ,examples, definition etc.).
    4. Figures
      1. It is best that figures be centrally justified (which you may have to put the mouse to the right or left of to select).
      2. Figures should be copied into the attachments section (you can "drag and drop" to do this) and linked in the main part of the Module (you can also "drag and drop" into the Modules to address this).
      3. If there is any concern about copyrighted figures, contact Delmar Larsen. Do not copy them into the STEMWikis.
    5. Text
      1. Do not use personal pronouns (or remove them).
      2. Full justify all text (except for Figure captions, which should be centrally justifiable)
      3. Catch and change all spelling mistakes as found
    6. Attribution
      1. Each Module needs an attribution (Contributors) sections, unless anonymously written.
    7. Hyperlinking
      1. Hyperlink as needed to the other Modules of the ChemWIki and other STEMWikis, but only hyperlink outside the Hyperlibrary project in the "Outside Links" section if existing.