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6.5: Tables and Figures

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    Tables are where you put rows or columns of numbers, like a frequency table or your calculation results. A figure is a chart/graph or other picture. The 7th Edition allows you to put the tables and figures in the main body of the paper, but you can also put them on their own pages at the end of your paper.

    • Tables and Figures can be single-spaced.
    • Tables and Figures must be numbered, in bold (Example: Figure 1 or Table 1). The table or figure number should be on a line above the title.
    • Tables and Figures must have a title (in italics) on the line below the number.
    • In a Table, the column titles should be underlined.
    • There should be a line across the whole bottom edge of each table.

    If you are putting a table or figure in an appendix, then each set of tables or figures should be started on a new page [Insert a Page Break, don’t hit enter a bunch of times].

    Example Table Formatting

    Table 1

    Measures of Central Tendency and Standard Deviation

    Table \(\PageIndex{1}\)- Example of APA Style Table Formatting
    Groups N Mean Median Mode SD
    Group 1 34 9 2 6.50 2.51
    Group 2 550 246.99 45.5 22.22 5.54
    Note: “SD” is “standard deviation.
    Table \(\PageIndex{1}\): Example of number, title, and table formatted in APA Style.. (CC-BY-NC-SA; Michelle Oja)

    Example Chart Formatting

    Figure 1

    Frequency of Final Exam Scores

    Line graph to show how the figure number and title should be formatted in APA Style.
    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Example of number, title, and chart formatted in APA Style. (CC-BY-NC-SA; created by Michelle Oja with data from

    A summary of formatting in APA Style is up next!

    This page titled 6.5: Tables and Figures is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Michelle Oja.

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