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8.5: A.5- Finishing...

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  • Save command history from the menu (on macOS) or with command

    Code \(\PageIndex{1}\) (R):


    (on Windows or Linux.)

    Attention! Always save everything which you did in R!

    Quit R typing

    Code \(\PageIndex{2}\) (R):


    Later, you can open the saved bugs.r in any text editor, change it, remove possible mistakes and redundancies, add more commands to it, copy fragments from it into the R window, and finally, run this file as R script, either from within R, with command source("bugs.r", echo=TRUE), or even without starting the interactive R session, typing in the console window something like Rscript bugs.r.

    mistake in this chapter. Please find it. Do not look on the next page.

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