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3.4: Variables

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  • A variable is a symbol that stands for another value (just like “X” in algebra). We can create a variable by assigning a value to it using the <- operator. If we then type the name of the variable R will print out its value.

    > x <- 4
    > x
    [1] 4

    The variable now stands for the value that it contains, so we can perform operations on it and get the same answer as if we used the value itself.

    > x + 3
    [1] 7
    > x == 5
    [1] FALSE

    We can change the value of a variable by simply assigning a new value to it.

    > x <- x + 1
    > x
    [1] 5

    A note: You can also use the equals sign = instead of the <-

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